Best Practices |  Payroll & Finance

How to Create a Scalable, Agile, and Sustainable Payroll Delivery Model

The technological disruptions in the payroll industry today, along with recent changes in global circumstances, are all giving way for payroll leaders to identify an emerging crucial angle to this profession – strategizing flexible and sustainable payroll delivery models. Payroll as a transformation strategy rather than a functional one Treating payroll as a mundane functionality […]

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Best Practices |  Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion in Global Companies: A Checklist for Every HR Leader

We already know Diversity & Inclusion are not just nice-to-have buzz words. They help businesses achieve better results. But how do you bring these words to life in global companies, across different locations? The other night I was watching TV and saw a commercial for a health science degree. At first glance, it was diverse, […]

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Best Practices |  HR

Remote Performance Management

Managers can have a dramatic impact on the engagement and retention of their teams. Great managers do the work of inspiring their team, delegating effectively, and holding people accountable. Managers are also responsible for providing the team with feedback that helps them understand where they’re performing well and what they could do to be even […]

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Perspectives |  Covid-19

Work From ANYWHERE? Not. So. Fast.

The pandemic forced everyone inside in early 2020, and working remotely went from being an occasional perk to mandatory. Employers are now announcing that they will allow employees to work-from-anywhere. However, as lovely as that makes the employer sound, allowing employees to work-from-anywhere has major financial implications for both the employee and the employer. So […]

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