Changes to Public Holidays in Sao Paulo

New public holidays are in place for Sao Paulo. The measures are part of the country’s COVID-19 response. In an effort to reduce travel and encourage people to stay home, the country is moving the following holidays to be held in March and April.

  • Corpus Christi (usually celebrated in June)
  • Conciencia Negra (usually celebrated in November)
  • Anniversary for Sao Paulo (usually celebrated in January)

The changes mean Sao Paulo will have holidays on March 26, March 29, March 31, and April 1.

Additionally, April 2, which is a holiday called Sexta Feira-Santa will continue to be a national public holiday.

Sao Paulo city officials believe their new measures will help slow down the spread of COVID-19 by allowing the city to stop operations for those holidays, giving more people a chance to socially isolate. Around 12 million people live in the Brazilian city. The city hasn’t been able to implement a full lockdown since the pandemic began because there aren’t enough police to enforce those rules.

COVID-19 cases have been skyrocketing in Brazil this spring. On Wednesday, March 17, Brazil registered more than 90,000 COVID-19 cases for the first time, after a second straight day of record numbers.

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