Compliance Updates: Ireland, Cambodia, Spain, and Portugal

According to the Irish Examiner, the majority of Irish taxpayers would support getting rid of the self-assessed tax system for the self-employed. Instead, they would rather have an easier PAYE process. In Ireland, the self-assessed pay and file deadline is this week, on Nov. 17.The proposed pay-as-you-go model would make it easier for the self-employed to do their own payroll taxes.

Cambodia Labor Law Amendments:
There are several new labor laws going into effect in Cambodia, including–

  • Work Shifts: These can now be divided three shifts (morning, afternoon, night) with each shift to not exceed eight hours. The previous law only called for two shifts (morning and afternoon). The Cambodian government hopes this will attract new industries, including electronics production and manufacturing.
  • Labor Dispute Resolution: The Local Arbitration Council may now resolve labor disputes. This simply expands the jurisdiction of the Labor Arbitration Council in Camobida.
  • New Powers for the Labour Inspector: This law names the labour inspector as a judicial officer.
  • Cancellation of Compensated Days Off in Lieu: Workers are no longer entitled to a day off on any given day, to replace a public holiday that falls on a Sunday.

Spain Social Security Contributions:
Spanish social security contributions will increase by .6% between 2023 and 2032. The payments will be a join increase for employers (.5%) and employees (.1%). The .6% rise will boost Spain’s Social Security Reserve Fund.

Portugal: After Hours Ruling:
In Portugal, it’s now illegal for bosses to call employees after hours. Failure to comply could result in governmental fines. This new ruling is similar to a law passed in France in 2017. The rule gave French workers the right to ignore after-hours business emails. Portugal’s new law is an attempt to regulate working from home. The law also requires employers to provide workers with appropriate tools for working remotely, including reimbursements for electricity and gas–from working from home.

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