Compliance Updates: UAE, Croatia, Singapore, Belgium

As of the Sept. 1, 2021, here are some major updates to compliance regarding the hiring of global workers.

Changes are coming to the home office and desk allowances that are required in Belgium. Beginning Jan. 1, 2022, if an employer is paying less than 149 EUR per month, per employee, they will be required to pay the following charges:

– 129.48 EUR per month as the “base” desk allowance
– 20 EUR per month if the employee is using his or her personal internet
– 20 EUR per month if the employee is using his or her personal computer for work

Belgium employees who receive a home office allowance at a rate of 10% of their monthly gross income will continue to see this benefit without any changes.

In the UAE, a new ban prohibits new visas from being issued in the following countries:

– Nigeria
– Libya
– Syria
– Iraq
– Palestinian Territories
– Yemen

Employees with current visas through a different employer can potentially renew through an in country provider (ICP), however, candidates with a tourist visa and candidates without a prior visa cannot be sponsored.

New guidelines will limit current leasing and employment agreements in Croatia to three years. Once three years have passed, employee contracts may be renewed, but under the following conditions:

– An employee’s job title must change along with the job description, and employee’s scope of work

Beginning Oct. 1, 2021, there will be an additional cost for hiring expats in Singapore, as issued by the Singapore government. The change is meant to allow for the continuous and secure hiring of expats, despite increasing restrictions on immigration.

The new “foreign worker surcharge” in Singapore is $350 USD per month for each expat worker a company hires.

However, the surcharge can be waived if a company has two or more local hires, per expat hire.

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