New Year’s Resolutions: Making Health & Wellness a Priority in your Workplace in 2021

The fresh start of a new year is upon us. As most work environments are drastically different than one year ago, now is a great time to rethink workforce strategies and make adaptations based on current, still evolving circumstances.

Here are some cost-effective trends and ideas to prepare your global workforce for the next 12 months.

Remote Work
Right now, it’s estimated more than half of companies are still working fully remote, but that could change later in the year. To prepare, consider updating your employee handbook with new policies for when (and if) employees return to the office. Setting clear guidelines about when remote work is acceptable, including how often and under which circumstances, will help guide your teams back into a new routine.

Virtual Health & Fitness Benefits
Consider offering a once-a-week virtual fitness classes as a fun employee perk. A personal trainer could teach various classes, promoting health, fitness, and comradery among teams. If it’s within your budget, another option is to purchase memberships to a fitness app like ClassPass or FitBit so team members can login at their leisure.

Encouraging Mental Wellbeing
Challenging situations are highlighting the importance of mental health. For example, Women’s Health Magazine found 70% of survey respondents reported a “deterioration in mental health” due to the pandemic. Companies like Adobe are leading the way in taking a proactive approach to help their teams. Last year, the tech giant started offering employee wellness seminars and access to a special Adobe page on the Headspace meditation app. The effort is part of a public-facing Physical Wellbeing page on Adobe’s website. Consider offering similar services to go along with your company’s health and fitness benefits. 

Diversity and Inclusion
More than ever, we’ve seen a lot of growth surrounding the importance of diversity and inclusion within corporate culture. During a time when companies were laying off workers, Indeed reported a 123% increase in job postings for diversity and inclusion positions. Typically, an economic crises threatens D&I positions, but corporations across the US grew D&I efforts during the height of the global pandemic. Regardless of the scope of your organization’s diversity and inclusion efforts, the start of the year is a great time to re-examine your efforts. Consider forming a committee to hold your organization accountable for its D&I efforts by meeting regularly to set new goals and test ideas.

Collaboration with Internal Communications Teams
The importance of collaborating between corporate communications teams and human resources is also rising. Working apart spotlighted the need for regular and streamlined updates, including everything from day-to-day business and corporate culture. To maximize your internal communications efforts, examine things that worked really well last year – and things that maybe didn’t work so well. By focusing on strengths and weaknesses and soliciting feedback from others, you can modify and strengthen your best practices for internal communication, which will result in well-informed, empowered employees. 

Overall, 2021 presents an exciting time for HR professionals to try new ideas and concepts surrounding employee well-being. We would love to hear some of your ideas to boost corporate culture! Head over to our private community discussion to share your ideas and expertise.

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