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Avoiding Imposter Unemployment Claims

Unemployment fraud is rising within the U.S. with $63 billion known dollars in improper unemployment claims made in 2020. A watchdog organization for the U.S. Department of Labor believes much of the fraud is coming from perpetrators, sometimes in other countries, who steal personal identity information on the dark web, and then flood state unemployment […]

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Your Guide to Termination Laws by Country

Rules and regulations for terminating an employee vary by country. We’ve compiled a list of termination laws to help companies execute layoffs and firings with sensitivity and care. In general, each of the following countries has a list of recognized and accepted reasons for terminating an employee, and if the reason does not fall under […]

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A Simple Guide to Brexit: What Do I Need to Know as an Employer?

After more negotiations, Brexit is now in effect. But what does this meanfor global employers who manage a diverse and distributed workforce? Here’s what you need to know. UK Nationals Working in the EU Dec, 31, 2020 was the final date for eligibility for the Withdrawal Agreement, allowing UK nationals to continue to live and work […]

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