Your Guide to Basic Background Checks and Employee Screening Services   

Selecting an employee screening provider can vary based on your location. For example, in the United States some states allow the use of marijuana as a recreational drug; while it is illegal in others. Factor in all the different local laws you might have when dealing with multiple locations globally, and it can further complicate the process. Not to mention the fact that your company may have its own guidelines and requirements.

Benefits of Background Checks

Employee Safety: In the U.S., employees have an obligation under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to provide a safe and healthy work environment.

More Information: Background checks ensure a new employee does not have a criminal background.

Liability: If a customer or a vendor has a criminal record and they cause someone harm within the workplace, the employer could be held liable. Background checks help prevent this.

Ensure Accuracy of Resumes: Background checks also verify that an employee was indeed employed at certain companies at certain times. It can help to serve as a reference check, by simply verifying work experience.

Should you check before or after an offer letter?
1. If it’s legal to do a background check before submitting an offer letter in the employees’ geographic location, this can be very effective. It makes the amount of time between the job offer and the employee’s start date shorter.
2. However if you decide to do the background check after an offer letter has been accepted, this could save your organization some time and money.

Here are some of our favorite things to look for when searching for a background screening:

Strict Compliance
A company that prioritizes and has knowledge of different background check requirements and forms in each country is key. You’ll also want a company that enables background checks in a variety of screenings and remains compliant with international data protection laws.

Turnaround Time
You will want to partner with a company that is flexible and quick with their turn around time. This is especially true as the job market is becoming more competitive. To attract top talent, you will not want to have to wait more than a couple of days to give a candidate an official offer letter.

Customer Service
Another thing to consider is time constraints and companies that prioritize customer service channels. Not all background check companies have 24/7 live customer support. Companies with around the clock customer service offer the most beneficial services, as you may be working in different time zones, trying to fulfill requests.

Regardless of which company you choose, there are dozens of options available. Here are some top choices we found:

Touting more than 80,000 employers who have trusted GoodHire for background checks, GoodHire promises “85% of background checks returned in less than one minute.” GoodHire also has a great blog full of resources for international background checks.

Versatility in background checks is also available through this platform, as GoodHire offers different services for large organizations, smaller organizations, and industries ranging from construction, healthcare, nonprofits, retail, staffing, technology, and more.

GoodHire also sites the importance of knowing different screening laws in each country, including required forms.

With a global reach, delivered locally, Sterling recognizes that an increase in migrant workers, running global background checks is growing in importance. Sterling offers screening in 195 countries, which is the largest among all other background check providers we researched.

As an added service to clients, Sterling also offers quarterly webinars for both clients and prospects.
Sterling’s website is especially user-friendly and offers a convenient “client login” and services that can be completed conveniently with the click of a button. The company has also been around for 45 years.

If you are looking for a global provider, Wymoo International offers background checks in more than 100 countries. This provider has an A+ “accredited business” rating with the U.S. Better Business Bureau.
According to Wymoo’s website, they also respond within 12 hours to requests for a complimentary quote.

Global Backgrounds
Another option for a global background search is Global Backgrounds, a company that promises “most domestic background check packages delivered same day.” Though this company offers a lot of U.S. specific requests, it also offers international background checks, including a product video, which provides a brief overview about the importance of having a good partner for background checks in different countries.

Another benefit is that Global Backgrounds is available for customer support, with a customer service team available by phone before, during, and after the search process.

A unique screening program that is consistent and uniform around the world yet tailored to reflect local employment laws, cultures, and languages, HireRight Global offers one solution for background screening programs. Their product video showcases a simple interface with an extensive range of screening services and intelligent technology for a worldwide candidate pool. The product also allows you to integrate HireRight’s technology into your hiring technology and also use your own branding for all background screening. HireRight also offers a user-friendly candidate portal with dozens of different languages available.


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